Self talking

Lot of time on photography lately,
no complaints and never feel bored on it, never!!
I always enjoy the time feeling my deep dark side,and want to see what kind of shit will be created next.
Camera, it's not just a tool,
it ever helped bring me out from the dark zone full of hate, sadness, distrust,
I never thought I could get thru it, 9 years ago, but I made it.
I couldn't find a better way to express how import a camera means to me.
I didn't have enough money and hard to make a decision to buy one at that time,
after hours' considerations, walking around, keeping staring at the camera placed on the shelf, felt like its the moment to make a decision on my life's direction. This's kinda story of how I got my first digital SLR camera. Anyways I got one, and my life really changed a lot since then.
Now times really changed, Big cameras everywhere,
self-called photographers everywhere, what percentage of them really know how to use camera, what the value of F, ISO, shutter speed for, how to combine the settings, sometimes i think about those stuffs. But now I realize it really doesn't matter, if a camera can bring happiness and help record the memories, i hope everybody can own it.
I started being into the camera world 9 years ago, went a lot places for shooting, tried any type of lens, and got awards several times on the famous camera magazine in Japan. but now it all fade out, I don't care those things any more, I don't want my own photos compared with others whose world I totally couldn't understand.
What I know is,
One camera, one lens is enough, and just keep on photo taking whatever you want.
Thanks for reading my long blabla.
Photo from 2009.

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I totally agree with you!
by 1_DigitalSignal_0 | 2016-07-10 10:18 | Life | Comments(1)